In Oct 2017, Stackry acquired Bedabox and consequently merged all operations including warehouse facilities. Review below is prior to the merge.

BedaBox offers free USA address with free storage, no signup fees, and a friendly customer service; ideal for people of almost any nation.

  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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BedaBox Services: The Highlights

Free Services

  • Free Signup
  • Florida Address in USA
  • 30-day Storage
  • Consolidation of 2 boxes
  • Free Receiving of Parcels & Mails

Paid Services

  • Personal Shopper – 8% of value (Min. $10)
  • Photos of Package Contents – $5
  • Scan of Documents – $5
  • Storage After 30 Days – $1/Day
  • Consolidate More Than 2 Packages – $2 Per Package
  • Gift Wrapping – $10

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • BitCoin
  • Personal Checks

Shipping Methods

  • DHL Express
  • DHL eCommerce (Global Mail Direct, Global Mail Priority, IPA)
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Express
  • FedEx Priority
  • FedEx Economy
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Signup & Usage

There are plenty of good things to say about BedaBox. One of the best things about it is how unbelievably simple it is. There are no monthly fees and the only time you pay for anything is when you pay to ship it. BedaBox may easily be one of the most straight-forward parcel forwarding services out there.

BedaBox ships to over 200 countries and accepts all major forms of payment. BedaBox also offers 30 days of free storage and accepts mail and parcels both.

The Pros

There are plenty of pros to using BedaBox; the most obvious is its simple set up and virtually non-existent fees. There is no signup fee, monthly fee, or other hidden charges in the service. The only things you will pay for are the shipping and other services such as gift wrapping, document scanning, return handling, pictures, personal shopper or extensive consolidating. While many companies charge an arm and a leg for these services, BedaBox is either cheaper or doesn’t charge at all.

BedaBox has exclusive discounts on nearly all the major international shipping services, which means the cost is relatively low and hassle free. They ship to over 200 countries, so it is likely they can service you. If you want to know beforehand, though, you will have to contact them directly.

Personal Shopper service; which essentially means they will buy items on your behalf and forward them to you, costs 8% of the total value (or min. $10) and the shipping. The Personal Shopper program is great because it is straightforward and simple (even if the cost is a bit more for our liking). Best of all, BedaBox will even purchase eBay auctions for you, which is something a lot of retailers don’t offer.

Return handling is something that few forwarders offer, and BedaBox is one of the few ones. Do get in touch with them before you process a return.

Document scanning and accepting mail is again a plus point for BedaBox.

The Cons

There are some minor drawbacks with BedaBox. For one, the limited amount of free storage. Granted, 30 days is not bad, but some international forwarding services offer a lot more storage for free as well.

Sales tax is a factor you always have to consider when shopping in the U.S. and shopping through BedaBox does not exempt you from this. The good news is you only have to worry about that when buying from retailers in Florida (the state BedaBox resides in). The bad news is, if you do purchase in the state, that is an extra 6% on your cost.

You will also have to consider the customs duty fees, which is an issue you will face with virtually any parcel forwarding service. There is no app for smartphones with BedaBox, and there is also no mention of special request handling or expedited processing.

We keep hearing that there support staff is very friendly but on the slow (maybe even super slow) side. So here is a tip, call them or better yet, check out their parent company ShipMonk and get in touch with them from there and hold on to that their Skype IDs. We did not have a bad experience with their support team, but yes, they are very friendly and courteous, but at times we were irritated because of their slow response time. We now contact them via Skype ID.

On the surface, BedaBox doesn’t seem to charge anything but when you look closely, their prices are on the high side. If you have 3 or more packages coming in and you are planning to have them combined together, then you will be charged for consolidation. Similarly, the photos are quite expensive too and BedaBox has not identified how much they would charge for return handling.

The Verdict

BedaBox is perfect for people looking for simple parcel forwarding services. While their Personal Shopper program isn’t the cheapest and they only offer 30 days of free storage, BedaBox is as simple as they come. Be on guard for hidden fee because you don’t know where you may get hit by a charge. It’s best to always ask before getting into something they are not clear about. Various payment methods and shipping carriers do make BedaBox out to be an all-around reliable international forwarding service and you will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable company to forward your mail & packages.

In Oct 2017, Stackry acquired Bedabox and consequently merged all operations including warehouse facilities. Review below is prior to the merge.

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