As of May/June 2018, Borderlinx has closed operations and transferred them over to Shipto.
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Borderlinx gives delivery addresses in USA, UK, Germany and Hong Kong with 30-days of free storage space,  prepayment of customs duty fee and a host of other features.

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Borderlinx Services – The Highlights

Free Services

  • Free Address in USA, UK, Germany & Hong Kong
  • 30-Days Storage
  • Consolidation
  • Repackaging
  • Pictures (UK & Germany only)
  • Delivery Duty Paid
  • Receiving Parcels

Paid Services

  • Shopping Assistant – 5% of item value
  • Return Handling – $35 (Currency Varies, amount doesn’t)
  • Insurance – 1.75% of combined items value

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

Shipping Methods

  • DHL Express
  • DHL Standard

Signup & Usage

Borderlinx is a unique parcel forwarding service for it puts so much emphasis on the international shopping experience. Everything about their service is centred around making online shopping quicker and easier for the savvy international shopper.

Borderlinx is also unique because, rather than giving you a single address to use, they give four addresses in total.
– Ohio, USA
– Northamptonshire, UK
– Cheun Sha Wan, Hong Kong
– Frankfurt, Germany

While these addresses are free for life and allowing international forwarding around the globe, people from only a select few countries can signup with Borderlinx. To be exact, 66 countries are listed in their country selection list when you are attempting to signup. In other words, Borderlinx is not for everyone.

Borderlinx offers very few extra services: Personal Shopper, Insurance, Delivery Duty Paid and Return Handling.


Borderlinx offers a bunch of free services, all mentioned above, but think, if your items can get repacked and consolidated for free and the account is free, pictures are free (UK & Germany only), you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet deal, no?

Shopping assistant is charged at 5% of the total value of items, which in our opinion is fairly low. This service is available in USA and UK only. You can also get them to assess customs duty by enabling DDP it and they will add the cost to your shipping.

When your package arrives, Borderlinx will snap a picture of your package to ensure it is in quality condition when it arrives. This service is free. Borderlinx also provides a free repackaging service that can save you up to 25% on your shipping fees. Consolidating packages is also free.

Borderlinx also offers an affordable insurance option known as Safetylinx. For just 1.75% of the combined value of shipped goods, users can make an insurance claim on broken goods. It even works for goods lost in transit. However, the program does not cover used or second-hand goods.


Of course, not everything is perfect about Borderlinx.

Most importantly, Borderlinx allows signups from 66 countries only ships with just DHL. They don’t offer to remove invoices or accept mail, or expedited processing and the penalty for exceeding 30 days of free storage is a bit steep. Think $5 per package per day.

Return handling costs $35. Whatever the currency, the amount is 35. If you are looking to move your package from one warehouse to another, its acceptable but not within the same country. So local shipment is a big No No!


Borderlinx seems to be a great service for anyone interested in international shopping. Its shopper assistant makes it extremely easy to shop on online stores, and the concierge program makes it possible for shoppers to get any item they desire. While DHL may not reach everyone or meet everyone’s needs, it should suffice for just about everybody. For a fast, reliable, and utterly simple service, Borderlinx is a great option for international shoppers.

This service has not been tested by
As of May/June 2018, Borderlinx has closed operations and transferred them over to Shipto.






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Borderlinx is no longer active and has transferred its operations to ShipitoShipito Review