There are many websites out there solely focused on earning money instead of providing value to its readers; ParcelForward isn’t one of them. Having said that it doesn’t mean that we don’t earn or make money from this website, we do, but we keep a loose eye on what we promote. So without further ado, here’s how we earn money:

  1. Affiliate links: We’ve added disclaimers at the bottom of every page that has affiliate links. The money we earn from them currently pay towards the upkeep of the site, and ensure that its up to date with useful content. Any link that uses ‘/get/’ in its url path is an affiliate link. Please be sure to check those out as in some cases we have been able to strike deals with the service providers for our readers. If for some reason, the service itself has stagnated or become poor, we remove our affiliate links and replace them with direct links.
  2. Sponsored posts: Yes in some instances, we take on a sponsored post. When we do, we take a hard look at the product, app or service that is being talked about to ensure that it is not being recommended just because its paid for. There is currently no mechanism to distinguish it however, we do very few of them in a year (about 2 per quarter).
  3. Ads: We may run Google Adsense and Media Net ads as well as paid / sponsored advertising on our site. If you click through, we will be given a percentage of the cost of that click. All these are extremely obvious, clearly labelled and don’t mean that we are endorsing such products.

ParcelForward.net is a participant in many affiliate marketing programs, many of them are directly with the service provider listed on this site. However, some are through networks that include:

Commission Junction
Rakuten Linkshare
Ebay Partner Network and many others
Amazon Associates

Finally, we reserve the right to add products and services to this website in the future which we will receive compensation for any purchases by visitors. There are thousands of products on the internet available for purchase and 100s of parcel forwarding services, but we include only those products and services that we have researched and believe to be good.

Our mission is primarily to provide valuable information to our visitors, and making money from these initiatives is a secondary activity but this website is a for-profit business and as such if we have an opportunity to recommend the same product and receive an affiliate commission that will be preferred. This disclosure is present to make that 100% clear to our visitors.

If you have further questions regarding this affiliate disclosure or anything else whatsoever, feel free to contact us via the email mentioned on contact page.