OpasOPAS is a mail and parcel forwarding service with warehouse in Portland, Oregon USA. This means that the address they provide is tax free, so you wouldn’t get charged for any state sales taxes when shopping online at specialty stores and shopping portals such as Amazon, Ebay and Best Buy etc. They provide a number of services and membership plans making them a versatile provider for mail and parcel forwarding.

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OPAS mail and parcel forwarding service
  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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OPAS Services: The Highlights

OPAS offers 3 membership plans: Free, Premium and Premium Plus.

Free plan: Parcels / Packages only.
Premium plan: Mail and Packages at $15/M or $100/Year
Premium plus plan: For distributors at $20/Year

Here is a breakdown of services offered by OPAS

Free Services

  • Registration
  • Tax free address in Oregon, USA
  • 30 days free storage
  • Receive packages and mail (mail is for premium members only)
  • Repacking
  • Consolidation (Free for Premium and Premium Plus members)
  • Discard / Shred

Paid Services

  • Consolidation – $10 / shipment (Free plan members only)
  • Package inspection – $5 up to 5 pieces and $1 for each additional item
  • Insurance – 2% of total purchase price
  • Photos & Scans – $5 for first page and $1 per each additional page
  • Additional Storage – $1 / day or $2 per day for oversized packages (greater than 1m3)
  • Return processing – $10 / order
  • Return handling and shipping – $30 / order
  • Alternate shipping address – $15 / order
  • Personal shopper – 15% of total purchase price (free plan) or 10% of total purchase price (premium plan). Minimum $10 fees

For a full list of services and fees, take a look at Opas service rates

Shipping Methods

  • USPS Priority Mail Express (Most countries)
  • USPS Priority Mail International (Most countries)
  • USPS Airmail (select countries)
  • USPS ePacket (select countries)
  • DHL (All countries)
  • UPS Expedited (All countries)
  • UPS Saver (all countries)
  • FedEx Economy (all countries)
  • FedEx Priority (all countries)
  • Yamato (Japan only)

Payment Methods

  • Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and American Express
  • Virtual Prepaid MasterCard: US Unlocked
  • PayPal
  • ZipPay – Australia only

Registration & Usage

The default membership plan doesn’t require any fees and can be used to avail many service offerings without paying a lot of money. The registration process is a little time consuming. You signup via a very simple form. After this, you get an email assigning you a temporary password to login and complete the registration. Once you’ve submitted your shipping, billing and payment information, you receive an email to verify your account. The verification is a bit tedious and requires you to submit your identity and payment information by proving you are indeed the card holder and are truly who you say you are. OPAS claims to delete all information once their staff has verified it. Verification can take up to three business days. In our experience, the verification took only a day and we were assigned a suite ID/mailbox ID and full warehouse address to send our online shopping to.

Once you’ve received your OPAS shipping address, you can login and checkout their online shipping application. Here, there is a chance to fill in an account profile. What is this now? This is a detailed profile, comprising of shopping interests, personal information and habits, as well as business information. This takes additional 5 mins or so and is completely optional. Once this is filled, OPAS rewards you with a $10 coupon that you can apply to your first shipment. Here, you can also change membership plan, request alternate address (for companies that cancel orders to package forwarding company addresses), set your language and email preferences.

Using OPAS is fairly easy and hassle free. They provide a phone number to go along with the address, making it easier to ship items to your new address. You can register incoming packages or import orders via a csv file. Even if you don’t packages addressed to your name and suite no. are automatically registered into your account. Once all packages are delivered, simply fill in customs information (item description, quantity and price) and request any additional processing such as taking photos and discarding items and get your packages ready for shipment. All additional processing takes place at the shipment stage.

On the shipment page, you can select the shipping address, shipping method / carrier available to you, choose insurance, ask for package inspection and request express service. Here one can also specify special instructions for the OPAS warehouse staff to carry out when repackaging and consolidating your shipment. For instance, we asked to remove invoices and to pack paper items flat. When OPAS completed the request, we received an email with their feedback along with steps they took to rectify any problem.

Once the shipment is ready, one can choose from a list of shipping partners & carriers available for their destination and pay for it.


OPAS provides an extremely functional system that keeps things simple. They have kept function over beauty and we can appreciate it after trying to use beautifully made, yet clunky web applications. Any important notifications that one need’s to be aware of are on the dashboard. So, one cannot miss any weather alerts and holiday notifications etc.

Their warehouse staff is decent, and they replied to most of our queries when the packages were getting ready for shipment. We liked how the warehouse staff sent a feedback email after package inspection was complete and when we wanted to add insurance after selecting and paying for my shipment, they accommodated it easily and quickly. The shipment itself was well packed and they had adhered to our instructions which we greatly appreciated.


Their registration and verification process is tedious and can definitely do with some improvement. Same goes for  the team tasked with registering packages into each account as they arrive at OPAS warehouse in Portland. Since we didn’t pre-register any of our packages; at times it took upto 2 business days for them to register our package into the portal even though we had received a delivery notification from the shipper already.

The biggest problem occurred with their shipping partner UPS that handles on ground shipping for USPS shipments.  Unfortunately, the UPS tracking no. is different from the tracking no. assigned by USPS when it is handed over to them to take care of international shipping and isn’t updated frequently. For us, we found out when and where the package was a day after the shipment was in our hands!

Though, we cannot hold OPAS accountable for lapses by UPS in reporting updated tracking info, this is something users need to be aware of and perhaps ask support before choosing a shipping method.

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The Verdict

OPAS is a decent forwarding service and they held up when it comes to their primary duties of repacking, consolidating, following custom instructions and shipping. They are expensive when compared to other shipping providers however, if you are a frequent user of parcel forwarding services, then their premium plan would reduce your shipping and consolidation expenses by a decent amount. For instance, we could have shaved off $14 easily from our final payment if we were on the premium plan. Their support needs some additional staff who have the time to read and reply to customer emails. The service works with US Unlocked which means that anyone can use them. They are one of the cheapest mail forwarding companies out there and if you are interested in both mail and packages, then they are a safe pick.

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