Ship7 offer a decent forwarding experience. Their main target is to help get your stuff to you and they do it well. They have an edge over many services because they offer free USA and UK address.

Ship7 is a fairly new mail and parcel forwarding service with warehouses in West Drayton, UK and New Jersey, USA. They offer a number of services on top of 60 days free storage and no signup or registration fee.

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  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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Ship7 Services: The Highlights

Free Services

  • USA & UK Addresses
  • 60 days free storage
  • Receiving & Handling Process
  • Consolidation
  • External Photos x2
  • Destroy Package/Contents

Paid Services

  • Repackaging – $5
  • Package inspection – $5 up to 5 pieces and $1 for each additional item
  • Photos – $2/each or $5 for 3
  • Scan & Email – $2 / 20 pages
  • Express Processing – $5 / order
  • Special Requests – $2 / package
  • White Glove Handling – $2 / order
  • Overweight Packages – From $10
  • Additional Storage – ยข10 / lbs / day
  • Shop For Me – Greater of $7 or 10%

For more details on their fee structure and to to get an estimate/approx value of your shipments, take a look at Ship7 prices.

Shipping Methods

  • USPS Postal Economy
  • DHL Express
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • UPS Worldwide Economy
  • FedEx Economy
  • FedEx Priority

Payment Methods

  • Credit, Debit Cards
  • PayPal

Signup & Usage

There is no signup fee and there is no membership requiring any fee. You simply signup with an email address and get your 60 days of free storage space in not 1 but 2 countries.

For USA, your shipping address will be in New Jersey which is very close to the international airport making your parcels arrive much quicker. In UK, their warehouse is situated in West Drayton. For ease in online shopping, Ship7 offers a phone number for both addresses should the online purchase store require one.

Once you login to your dashboard everything is fairly simple. Your new addresses will be under “How to use Address” and you can start shopping by sending parcels to yourself with these two unique addresses.

If you don’t know where to shop from, you can use the directory tab to navigate to shopping sites. If your preferred shopping site doesn’t allow your card, you can ask Ship7 to buy it for you.

Once your parcels arrive in warehouse, the staff will automatically add the values and pictures into your suite. You can then ask them to take more pictures, or carefully handle your stuff. If you have a special request you can tell them what it is and for a fee they will do it for you. Once you are ready to receive your parcel, tell the staff you want it consolidated and repacked.

After that you just need to select a shipping option and pay Ship7 for every service used including the shipping charge. They will pack your stuff and mail it out to you.


Ship7 offers a simple solution with an easy-to-understand system. Their shipping speed for delivery is great! The 60-days of free storage is more than enough for anyone to grab a few deals even when they are days or some weeks apart from each other.

The price estimates we got in calculator and the actual time of shipment were both low compared to what we get from other services

Their warehouse staff is decent, and very understanding. And, because of their UK and USA warehouse timings, you can expect the live chat to be active and responsive. Ship7 also takes the hassle out of entering data. They take two free pictures of the incoming parcels; one from outside and one from inside. They check the invoices and enter the data as per the receipts. If there is no invoice, then you will have to manually enter the data.


There are a few things that can go sideways in your entire forwarding experience with Ship7. Some links don’t work within the dashboard such as the snapshots showcasing how to add in the shipping address under the “How to use my Address”. If you already know where the address goes, then this is no issue at all.

A bigger issue is the lack of notifications when receiving parcels/mail. We were completely in the dark if the delivery of our stuff was successfully allocated into our suite / account or not. And even though we complained about it, nothing was fixed. So we suggest you to keep checking your dashboard. Even after receiving parcel/mail you should look for when the consolidation is complete or when your other requested services were followed through or not.

We in fact, suggest everyone that no matter which service you use, always send your requests during the working hours of the warehouse because that’s best.

Their FAQ speaks about return handling but we are not sure if they offer it or not because there is no mention of it on the pricing page. So if there is a return process, do email or ping them on chat,

The Verdict

Considering Ship7 has been around for just 3-4 years, they are fairly good!

They held up fairly well as a decent forwarding service. Their main target is to help get your stuff to you and they do it well. They have an edge over many services because they are one of the few who offer USA and UK address. I mean, MyUS and Fishisfast don’t do this… think about it! Their website could do with an upgrade, but hey, their core functionality works and its good! Plus with the 60 days of free storage in both USA and UK separately is a great feature!

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