shopfansShopfans is a parcel forwarding service company that offers two USA addresses: Tax-free Delaware and another in Pennsylvania which is a tax-free state for clothing and shoes only. They provide a number of services that you can expect from an international forwarding company, accompanied by round the clock customer support. Let’s go over the services they provide in detail.

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  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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Shopfans Services: The Highlights

Free Services:

  • Two USA Addresses – Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • 75 days storage with 14 days of storage after package consolidation
  • Transferring orders between suites
  • Removing Catalogues and invoices
  • Keep postal box

Paid Services:

  • Photos: from $1 – $3
  • Package processing: $3/package under 3 lbs & $5/package over 3 lbs
  • Removing price tags (e.g. from clothing items): $3+
  • Remove shoe boxes: $2/Package
  • Plastic bag for additional protection: $3
  • Vacuum Packaging: $.050 per 1 lbs (1 lbs =450 grams)
  • Insurance: $3/every $100 of insurance
  • Return orders/purchases (full and partial): From $10 + UPS Ground Shipping charges
  • Divide a purchase into two or more packages: From $8
  • Remove an item from shipment: From $10
  • Divide returned packages: From $5

Payment Methods:

  • Ali Pay: 3.5%
  • PayPal: 3.6%
  • Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard): 3.5%

Shipping Options:

  • DHL – select countries only
  • USPS Express – All
  • USPS Priority – All
  • Shopfans country specific: Each destination country has a few other options that provide the lowest shipping fee available

Signup and Usage:

Shopfans does not require any subscription fee or annual fee which is great since you only pay when you use their services. With Shopfans, choose your destination country and signup via that for best results. If your country is not highlighted on the world map as yet, choose the one closest to it in terms of geo-location and/or language.

Once you have an account, note down your tax-free addresses and ship your new purchases to either of them. Both Shopfans warehouses are within 1 hour of driving distance from each other but in different states hence you can easily send over your packages to both and still have them consolidated into one shipment.

Shopfans requires that you register each package with them in advance so they can process it quickly and efficiently. If you do not it may take them 12 hours more. We have tried both, and it did not matter either way. For each incoming purchase they receive, they send an email to you. Since all the emails come from [email protected], (a non .com domain) it is best to mark it as a safe sender beforehand so it does not end up in spam or junk mail.

Once you have received all your packages, fill out the customs declaration and order any extra services you like. Some options such as removing shoe boxes, remove catalogues, etc are available when you click ‘Create Shipment’. If you need a service that is not listed anywhere, then you need to open a ticket with customer service for that request.


Shopfans has specialised international shipping rates and websites for different countries and regions. Currently, they give customer accounts in Australia, Brazil, Russia, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc), Japan, China, Korea, Ukraine. Even though they provide many shipping options, their standard for all countries is USPS (Express and Priority) that delivers within a week to many locations.

Shopfans customer service is quite good and seemingly works round the clock. They are active according to each delivery country / region they specialise in hence someone is always around to answer your question. A reply usually takes 15-30 mins on live chat.

Their warehouse staff should get a round of applause for their expertise. The pictures we ordered were of excellent quality. Other requests such as catalogue/invoice removal were also carried out without drama. The packaging was exceptional; the likes of which we have not seen from any other provider yet. They wrap each item in bubble wrap and place it in an appropriate sized box. Shopfans carries 23 types of sturdy boxes in various sizes. So, they choose the most suitable sized box and put all the individually bubble wrapped items in it. If there is extra space, they fill it with plastic bags with air in them to ensure the items do not have space to move around too much during shipment.


There is no formal support by Shopfans for receiving mail as yet, but then they are a parcel forwarding service company not a mail forwarding company.

One problem we found was their seemingly ridiculous payment approval process. We can understand the need for it with a new customer and for a new payment method, however, we think there is no reason to put a customer through the same approval process every time they pay for the shipment. This approval process can take up to a day hence, what we do is message their chat support the transaction ID and let them know we’ve paid for our newly consolidated shipment.

Shopfans are in a habit of sending many emails; hence the chances of their email address getting flagged as SPAM or JUNK is very high. Be sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe sender’s list.

There is also no support for paying customs / duties in advance. There are very few international forwarding services that do this hence you cannot hold it against them. They have a nifty guide, though so make sure you go over their FAQ.

Their support is not too great either; if you lose a package, chances are that it will take you approx 2-3 months to get a resolution out of them.


Shopfans is a reliable parcel forwarding service with high-quality packaging, discounted international shipping rates and doorstep delivery. They give tax-free USA address with no signup or hidden fees to keep the account active. Their package processing fee is reasonable at $3/package which pays for itself once you receive the package unharmed, undisturbed and on time.

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1 Comment

  • Customer Suport and Insurance Nightmare

    So I’ve started using Shopfans since the beginning of 2017. The website is really straight forward and easy to use, which is great. The consolidation and shipment was faster than the previous service that I was using. But don’t trust on their insurance. If you package is lost, they won’t help you or get you a refund. You are on your own!

    After many successful shipments I had a package lost by USPS, something that NEVER happened to me before. So I’ve always opted in and payed for Shopfans’ own insurance service and gladly I never had to use it before. That’s when all my nightmare begin.

    I first started using Shopfans’ chat suppport and showed them my concerns after the usual delivery time passed for this particular shipment. They said they would get in touch with USPS to get more information about the tracking and try to locate the package. And let me say, their chat support is terrible! They take forever to answer your message and seems like a different person talks to you every time.

    After a couple of weeks (and no update of my package), I got in touch through their support via Skype – which was way better. But the person there was always repeating the same thing over and over “I will send a message to the warehouse manager so that he can get in touch with USPS…”

    Two months passed and no sign of my package. I’ve tried to locate it with my country’s post office but they said that the package never even left the US. So my package was definitely lost. I asked their Skype support about the insurance. My messages started being ignored.

    After getting some help, I got the e-mail from someone higher up on the warehouse, she asked me to send my ste number and information to her, which I did – 3 times. She ignored my e-mails. 10 days passed. Then I got the e-mail address of the warehouse manager, I’ve copied him in all the e-mails and send my information again and finally got an answer. The first person said that I was sending my information on another language – I wasn’t – that’s why she wasn’t replying it. Then she said that I was sending on the wrong e-mail address – I wasn’t either.

    So first they tried to said that I wasn’t eligible for the insurance – a service that I was charged and paid for. Then they’ve asked me to send an invoice of everything that was inside of the package – I did, even thinking that it was violating my privacy.

    After that they’ve offer me half of the insurance value ($100) + a ‘similar product’ that I’ve shipped (a SSD) sending me attached a poor quality picture exactly like the one’s that we receive when we ask of our packages when they arrive at the warehouse, you know? And I was thinking “are their offering me someone else’s stuff?” – it looks like. So I refused.

    Then they asked me for my paypal account. After that they said that the $200 refund for the insurance was already made and I should wait 10 business days for it to show up on my PP account. Yeap, they said I should way 10 business days, for a paypal transaction, that allegedly was already made. After I questioned this – again copying the warehouse manager on the e-mail – I finally got the transfer the next day.

    So I’m never using Shopfans’ again. It was a nightmare. I can’t trust them with my shipments and they won’t help you if you need them. Be aware.

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