stackry parcel forwarding serviceStackry is one of the best parcel forwarding companies in the US. They offer a mailbox with 45 days storage in Nashua which is a Tax-free state in the USA. The type of services they provide is considerably less than others in the US. However, the basics such as personal shopping services, photos, information request and choice of delivery partners are more than enough if you’re new to parcel forwarding services. Let’s go over them in detail.

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Stackry Services: The Highlights

Here is a breakdown of their services from Free Services to paid.

Free Services:

  • Registration
  • Tax-free USA Address – Nashua
  • 45 days storage afterwards $1 / lb / day
  • Receive packages
  • Transferring packages between suites
  • Removing Catalogues and invoices
  • Keep postal box
  • Insurance up to $100

Paid Services:

  • Consolidating Packages: $2 / package
  • Repacking Fee: $5 / package
  • Photos: from $3 – $7
  • Information Request: $2 / package
  • Insurance over $100: $1.25 for every extra $100
  • Hazmat Processing (flammable items where allowed): $12.50 per item

Payment Methods:

  • Stackry Credit
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)
  • Wire Transfer: $25/transfer

Shipping Options:

  • DHL Worldwide Express
  • Global Mail
  • Global Mail Direct – Select Countries Only
  • USPS Express
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS 1st Class Mail Intl
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Economy
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Signup and Usage:

To get started with Stackry, signup and fill in your basic information including country and full address. Unlike some services, Stackry doesn’t require any signup or subscription fee. You also don’t need to pay anything to receive packages into your mailbox/suite no. Once you are registered, you receive your USA address along with a phone number (to be used for shipping purpose only).

Use the Stackry address and phone number at all the online stores where you want to buy from and wait for your deliveries to arrive. Luckily, you don’t need to notify Stackry of your incoming packages – a cumbersome process that is required by other package forwarding companies. Stackry sends an email every time a package/shipment arrives into their warehouse. Once all your desired purchases have come, just log in to your Stackry account dashboard and go to Received Packages.

Expand Received Packages and fill in the name (for your ease), and request information and pictures if needed. Stackry’s information gathering is limited to a visual inspection only, so, for instance, they can tell you if the watch you bought has a faulty cell and not working but cannot tell you if the phone you purchased is working or not. If you don’t need this, then click on the edit icon (pencil with paper) and fill in the package information for customs. Here, the values and product descriptions are entered by you. You can also see detailed package information such as box dimensions, weight, etc.

Once you’ve entered package information for all the packages you want to ship out, you’re ready to start the consolidation and shipping process.

Start Your Consolidation & Ship

Select all the packages for consolidation and click Next under Add to New Shipment to move to the next stage of the process in your account Dashboard. Here, click Continue and confirm all the details of your packages on the next page. Select or add your shipping address and under Select Service click Choose Later. This is because it is better to wait for the consolidation process to be completed before you choose the service. You will also get exact rates that way.

Compared to many, Stackry is quite fast hence the chances are that your consolidation will be done the same day if you submit during the initial hours of their work day. Once it’s complete, click on Finalize Shipment to review details of your new package. Here, you can review or change the delivery address, select shipping service (you can now see the amounts under each service which was previously not available to you), select insurance (if over $100) pay for your shipment via PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer. You can also choose to apply credit available in your Stackry account to your shipment.

The Pros:

Stackry caters to over 230 countries & territories making them one of the few services available that cater to the entire world. The web application is very straightforward and easy to use. Stackry personnel are extremely fast when it comes to processing and any warehouse activity. We’ve always been amazed by how quick they are and they don’t disappoint. Within an hour of paying my invoice for shipping and services, I had an email from Stackry complete with tracking information and stating that my parcel had been shipped. Mind you, we generally use the same shipping service when reviewing other package forwarding services as well, and they have been the fastest.

Another part of the service that impressed us was their built in chat support. It was quick and to the point, and there were no long waiting times between each message. Those who have suffered at the hands of other online chat systems know that just because it says ‘chat’ doesn’t mean its fast and fluid. Agents are typically dealing with multiple people at the same time and seldom take the time to read your initial message. This was thankfully not the case with Stackry support agents.

The packaging too was splendid and when my shipment arrived the outside box wasn’t battered and nor were the insides rattling. All empty spaces had been filled out with small plastic bags filled with air.

The Cons:

Stackry’s shipping calculator is not the best out there. In fact, the only correct prices it gave us was for DHL Express and Global Mail. We tested out the shipping calculator for the final (consolidated) package’s weight and dimensions, and it gave us different & higher values for USPS Priority and USPS Express. FedEx was unavailable for our country. This was in stark contrast to what was being shown within their web app’s shipping service that showed lower values for USPS Priority and USPS Express as well as gave FedEx rates for both International Priority and Economy service. This is a bit disconcerting as we typically advise customers to use shipping calculators to determine if they want to choose a particular parcel forwarding service.

Apart from the clunky shipping calculator, their dashboard application is quite slow. For seemingly unknown reasons it takes its time to load which is frustrating. However, once you’re logged in, it’s decent.

There is also no support for paying customs/duties in advance. There are very few countries that do this hence we can’t really hold it against them. However, they should think about allowing this for frequent customers.

Stackry – Verdict:

Stackry is one of the few parcel forwarding services that we recommend blindfolded. You can’t go wrong with them as they ace in all the areas that matter for a package forwarding company that is keeping your valuables/goods in their storage. You always need a great customer support staff and an easy to use website. If you’re new to overseas shopping and need a reliable package forwarding company then start with them; you cannot go wrong.

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  • Used your referral code to sign up – clicked on a link on this page, and your code was under referral
    But i received no credit……

    • Hi Rod, I remember a long time ago when i got free credit. It wasnt shown till i was ready to ship. If you dont see it in your account as a discount, then you need to get in touch with their support. Their support is one of the best so they will get you sorted immediately. The code works however, any system can malfunction so that may be responsible for the missing credit.

  • I also have had a very bad experience with I was initially a customer of Bedabox and had deliveries at bedabox at this time bought out Bedabox and my 2.000$ of Ralph Lauren clothing just disappeared. No email no nothing. Tried emailing customer support at but the lady answering my emails was not interested in helping at all and made it clear that i was a nuisance.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Hi Luke, Sorry to hear about your experience.

      We reached out to Stackry team on your behalf and they replied saying that you had not responded back to their last email in which they clarified what they know about your account.

      In case the email was accidentally deleted or marked as SPAM by your email provider, here’s a copy of it:

      “I see in your old Bedabox account you had a negative balance of -$98.70. All of your packages were shipped out via Bedabox, except for PR-4426-1907, which was discarded by the old Bedabox team months before we aquired them. As a one time courtesy, we have removed your negative balance for you during the move to Stackry.

      Unfortunately there is not much we can do, Bedabox discarded only 1 of your packages and the rest were shipped by them. We unfortunately were not involved in any of this and happened before we purchased Bedabox.

      Our apologies.”

      As you may well know that a new entity can never fully account for all the activities that took place before it takes over its operations & customer base. Since I too held account with Bedabox, I know how many emails Bedabox sent explaining what was going on and till when they could receive & process packages at their old warehouse in Florida. I suggest you go through your old emails & double check when this package was sent by RL and delivered to your bedabox account.

      For high value shipments, I find that screenshots work best to remind me what has been going on into my account(s) so I am never surprised or shocked if something goes amis. One can never be too careful since even a small system update can create havoc into your account and misplace / mislabel it. At the end of the day we all end up relying on computer systems and if that screws up, well then we end up losing out. This is just something I do to protect myself and not be reliant on a 3rd party system.

      Stackry is a very good service and is quite old in this business. One thing for sure is their no hassle process and excellent customer support. You should give them a try on their own merit or pick another service from our list.