USGoBuy is no longer deemed trustworthy. Instead of removing it, we have left the old review as-is and have removed all links to the service.

USgoBuy gives a tax-free USA address in Portland, Oregon, Free storage for 90 days and zero charges for consolidation and repackaging. They are one of the most cost-effective package forwarding companies around. Let’s take a detailed look at their service offering.

USgoBuy: Service Highlights

Free Services

  • Registration
  • USA Address in Oregon
  • 90 days storage
  • Package Consolidation & Repackaging

Paid Services

  • Product images: $5/package for 5 photos
  • Return handling: $5 plus postage fee
  • Pick-up fee: $1.5/lbs, minimum $10
  • Personal shopper fee: 10% of item value

Shipping Options

  • FedEx Economy
  • USPS Express and Priority
  • DHL Express

Payment Options

  • Webmoney
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
  • E-Wallet: Load via WesternUnion and WireTransfer

Signup and Usage

Once you’ve signed up with the USgoBuy Parcel forwarding service, you simply jot down your new shipping address and start using it for your online shopping at the likes of eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, etc. Also, keep in mind that you should not accept any changes these sites offer to the address and enter your shipping address “As-Is.”

Once your new packages are shipped over to your new, wait and see them arrive in your mailbox – My Packages. Once all your packages have arrived, you do the costing of your shipping and pay for it. USgoBuy says that they need you to pay for shipping before they consolidate and repackage your items. Unlike other services available where shipping costs are final, once you’ve paid the estimated shipping costs, they will proceed with the needful and provide the final shipping costs once the parcel has shipped to your country. If you have paid extra, then the refund will either go to your wallet account (you will need to request a withdrawal request manually if you wish to withdraw) or directly to your credit card.

USgoBuy sends tracking information in 24 hours and it is best to track it independently through any of the tracking apps we’ve listed here.

The Pros

Their warehouse staff is very efficient and they followed some interesting requests correctly at no extra cost to us. Packaging too was done in a very high-quality box with bubble wrap in just the right places to protect our sensitive items.

Using the shipping calculator, we see that USgoBuy has one of the lowest shipping rates available. On top of that, if you are a frequent shipper with an annual expense of more than $1000, then you qualify for higher discounts on shipping fees. You can see their membership tiers here. Similarly, you also save more on assisted purchase cost. Hence the more you ship with them, the higher your membership status and the more value you get for your money.

Another great feature that is invaluable for any international shipping service is to be extremely accessible to end users. After all, if consumers could easily buy and ship items from US stores then they would not need a service such as USgoBuy would they? Keeping this in mind, USgoBuy offers numerous ways for its members to pay for services. Besides PayPal and Credit cards, members can pay via WesternUnion (a method available globally), Wire transfers (available to anyone with a bank account) and WebMoney.

The Cons

USgoBuy’s location in Portland adds an extra day or two for packages to reach shippings hubs for international parcel delivery. With that being said, as they continue to grow, they will hopefully get better rates and routes for quicker delivery. Another area that requires attention is their customer service agents available for chat. They can test out your patience should you get into a problem with a parcel or have an unusual query that does not have an obvious answer within their online portal. This too can be resolved with proper training so its not a deal breaker if your shipping needs are simple.

The Verdict

Based on the clean interface of their website, shipping rates, secure payments and good all round parcel forwarding service, USgoBuy is a cheaper alternative to other US parcel forwarding service providers.

USGoBuy is no longer deemed trustworthy. Instead of removing it, we have left the old review as-is and have removed all links to the service.



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  • Thank you for removing your recommendation. I was scammed by UsGoBuy too and I appreciate you looking out for your readers.

  • USgoBuy is Scam Site. Please Be ware. My Parcel landed and they removed all Payment options. Only option webmoney no paypal no card gateway…….They just keep your stuff and Re sell on USA ebay and make money. Please be ware before using you will loose Product and Money both

    • Thanks Ankur for the warning. We tested them around 2 years ago so this helps in keeping our readers informed. Sorry to hear about your experience. We’ve updated the article and removed all possible links to the site and added a warning. We cannot remove the article since it would remove valuable comments such as yours.

  • Dear All,

    Once again i find myself writing to these kind of email to USGOBUY.
    I honestly cannot understand if this company is simply unprofessional or looking for sneaky ways to scam people.
    First my order got cancelled and I was not notified..
    Secondly, when I was finally refunded i got only a portion of the moment.
    After much hassle and about 50 phone calls that went unanswered I was finally refunded all my money, about three days later, and they pretended I was crazy, that the money was there all along.
    The cherry on top of all this nonsense is the new development that occurred, yesterday..
    After paying an outrageous 3106.47 USD shipping fee, I thought my nightmare with USGOBUY was finally over… But noooo.
    As soon as I was finished paying, I got not one but two emails claiming that I have two new packages that has just arrived at the warehouse.. How could that be? I thought to myself, as it has been weeks since I have not ordered anything. So, I did the only logical thing- I requested to get some photos of the mystery packages. From the first photo I got the tracking number, and was able to track that parcel. It arrived at that warehouse, on 16.01.2019…(Exactly as amazon said) Today is the 07.03.2019. Even better yet, It was handed over to a guy named Ken. Well Mr. Ken. What on earth have you been doing with my package for so freaking long?? Keeping it warm perhaps?? And you decided it was perfect to had it back to me only after I’ve already paid 3000 USD for shipping?
    So, as I type this email, I received a second email from USGOBUY. With 5 blurry photos of the second package. This time the photo was so bad I couldn’t make out the tracking number. That is okay, I will use the tracking number given to me when I bought said package. So this package was delivered on the 14.01.

    Is this a joke or is this company taking me for a fool??

    Well, either way you better have a great explanation to why my two packages magically appeared right after I’ve paid so much to have everything shipped together.

    Plus, they give you a calculator that supposedly, calculate the shipping cost.. Well that is a big fat lie also.. No surprise there..

    You better have a good explanation for this.
    This company is a fraud, a scam and unprofessional.

    • This is indeed unfortunate. This review was 2 years ago hence the service could have declined as you say. We will reevaluate the rating for them since that is the point of a site such as ours.

  • Best low budget services!

    Hi! My name is Borislav Koldan and I am from Serbia. I am using USgobuy services over a year now, and really in terms of cheap shipping services, they are the best. As for storage they offer 60 days free storage which is more than enough if yoo have more packages to forward. While speaking of more packages, consolidation is free. They canm ship to any country in the world, and offer USPS, DHL, FEDEX and UPS. I personally use USPS because it is the least expensive, sure you wait around 20 days but if you are not in a hurry it should be fine. All in one it was a good experience, i you want and need inexpensive shipping they are the best you can get.

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USGoBuy is no longer recommended by ParcelForward due to a high number of bad cases reported by people. You should instead use Stackry