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vyking shipVyking Ship offers a variety of services at a decent pricing. Their free USA Address accepts mail & parcels both and their 180 days of free storage gives them that edge which so far no one has come close to achieving.

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  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Services
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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Vyking Ship Services: The Highlights

Free Services

  • USA Address in Minneapolis
  • 180-Days Storage
  • Receiving Mail(s)
  • Receiving Package(s)
  • Handling Return(s)
  • 1 Picture of Item upon Arrival
  • Destroy Package/Contents

Paid Services

  • Complete Customs Declaration – $3
  • Content Pictures x3 – $2
  • Consolidation – $1.50
  • Repackaging – $2.50
  • Personal Shopper – 5% of item value
  • Remove Invoices/Tags – $1.50
  • Security Tape – $1.50
  • Special Instructions – $3.50
  • Expedited Handling – $4.50

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Western Union
  • Bank Wire Transfers

Shipping Methods

  • USPS Priority – Domestic & International
  • USPS Express – Domestic & International
  • DHL Express – International
  • FedEx Priority – International
  • FedEx Economy – International
  • FedEx Freight – International
  • FedEx Standard Overnight – Domestic
  • FedEx Ground – Domestic

Signup & Usage

Signing up with Vyking Ship is free, and that’s how it stays; there is no monthly or yearly fee attached to your Minnesota address. Vyking Ship accepts mail and parcels both, just note the free USA address after signup and start getting your stuff shipped to your new US shipping address.

We would suggest that you pay a visit to your account settings and make few default adjustments. Vyking Ship offers the option to select units, default shipping preference, take pictures of incoming package contents, discard mail and customs declaration. Since we want mail discarded, so we have chosen that as ‘yes’, we always pick USPS Express, so we have selected this as our default method and because we prefer to fill customs info ourselves and don’t want content pictures taken of all incoming packages, so they stay unchecked.


Vyking Ship offers its forwarding address to not just international consumer shoppers but sellers also.

Once they receive your items, they will take a picture of the incoming item; mail or parcel and send you an email notification. If you had opted for any extra perks in the default setting, then that will have been taken care of by the time you log into your account to check on the incoming package.

Once all your packages have arrived, fill in the customs declaration info as best as you can and hit the “additional processing” option and select the paid service you want. When the processing finishes, you will get an email once again and you can then begin consolidation.

Once your consolidation finishes, you will get an email, and you can log back in to pay the amount for shipping & insurance.

Vyking Ship has an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s simple and gets everything done smoothly. If you contact them on their time-zone, they reply almost instantly… and why shouldn’t they? You can also chat with them Live during their office hours (and also email the transcript at the end of the conversation). They have a phone line if you want a more 1-on-1 vocal time.

The picture quality of their image is decent, the expedited process is impressive, custom request service is eerily good, the personal shopper service is very cheap (in our opinion), consolidation and repackaging services are as they should be i.e. awesome, and their international shipping rates/quotes are decent… but not the cheapest.

Vyking Ship carries out the tasks efficiently and their 180 days of free storage space with no monthly/annual fee attached is simply the perfect combination you can ever hope to get.

Did I mention they offer free returns of items? No? Well, they offer it free provided you send them a return label, fair enough and a great perk!


Minneapolis is not exactly a tax-free region, but if you send clothing items, you get off the hook. In other words, there is no tax if you are sending apparel to your Vyking Ship address.

They have a restricted country zone like most parcel forwarding services, and the list keeps changing, so do check with them before you decide to ship. Also if you cannot signup, chances are they do not ship to that region as well. However, we would still recommend that you get in touch with them and get the information first-hand.

Vyking Ship does not offer to scan mail/documents or offer apps for smartphone devices, and they also don’t provide DDP service – then again, not many forwarders offer it.


Vyking Ship is a very reliable parcel forwarding service that offers to receive your letters/magazines and packages for free. The USA address they give comes with no charges whatsoever and is free for life. Just pay for what you need and leave the rest. Couple all this with the payments methods they offer and a variety of shipping methods they provide makes Vyking Ship one of the best package forwarding services out there.

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