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Parcel Forward exists because there are thousands of people who
want to use parcel forwarding services but have many questions
regarding these companies.

We bring you the facts as they are. We understand that trust doesn’t
come easily to many people, which is why we try our level best to test
each service so we can give you the kind of information you need to
forward your parcels to whichever country you desire.

When we test a parcel forwarding service, we put them through some level of difficulty to analyse if they are indeed the kind of company you can entrust with your precious items or not. If they are what they seem from the surface, then we recommend them to you with the kind of information you need to forward your parcels to whichever country you desire. If not, we simply don’t mention them. But because this is an ever-growing industry, we are slowly adding more services to the circle of tested-trust, so be patient with us, if there is a service you have used and are un/happy with, let us know through the contact form.

Apart from catering to reviews of parcel forwarding services we have covered mail forwarding services and other useful information that you require for a streamlined forwarding experience.

If you have stumbled upon our website because you have questions regarding shipping carriers, online transactions, customs declaration or dimensional weight, then go right ahead and start reading up on them and don’t forget to check out our FAQ which is built specifically with you in mind.

Parcel Forward is regularly updated with information as it becomes available to us. Our team welcomes feedback and comments that you may have to improve this website.

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  • Ways to Compare Parcel Forwarding Service Providers
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  • Alternate Payment Methods to Shop Online
  • Ways to Track Shipment

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