Need to buy from Amazon &
eBay but don’t live in the USA?

Pick a parcel forwarder that suits your requirements and ship your purchases there. They’ll keep it for you till you’re ready to ship to your home, office or your favourite cousin’s home.

Parcel Forward's Verification Service

Team behind ParcelForward.Net are professionals who test available services within each parcel forwarding company.

While each of these companies claim to be the best, the cheapest and most trustworthy, we know better. We are aware of scammers & fraudsters; we are also well versed with the industry jargons and know how to verify each proclamation.

We are here to make sure you know what you (the user) are getting into before signing up. Some services are fully vetted which have a verified badge, while others who have not been tested by us are without the badge.

How to Choose a Parcel Forwarding Service

Online shopping has increased by many folds, and with the constant increase in demand for using imported items, parcel forwarding services have taken birth.

These international forwarding companies sometimes deal with only parcels while few accept packages as well as mail & magazines.

But how to choose a service?

Customer Service

Customer service can be a deal breaker for all overseas parcel forwarding services because once you’ve signed up and sent over your purchases to them, you are locked in. This is why, we at put them through the paces before listing them on our site.

Real Forwarding Reviews

Users can leave their own review for each forwarding service. They can also check reviews from outside of such as: Site Jabber, TrustPilot and Feefo.

Verified Listings

We verify most listings on our site and rigorously test each forwarding service out according to their feature list, customer service and price.