What is a Parcel Forwarding Service?

A parcel forwarding service is essentially a mailing address that you can use for personal and commercial purposes without having to reside in that location. Typically, these are used when you don’t have a permanent address of your own in a city or a country.

Need to buy from Amazon and eBay but don’t live in the USA? Pick a parcel forwarder that suits your requirements and ship your purchases there. They’ll keep it for you till you’re ready to ship to your home, office or your favourite cousin’s home. Doing a business where you need to store items till they are ready to ship out for customers and need the pros to handle it? A parcel forwarding service will be a boon for your business.

In a nutshell, they are there to answer the door when the postal or courier service arrives with your purchases and they will keep it safely for you till you are ready.

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Fishisfast is a hassle free USA parcel forwarding service offering 6 months of free storage and a...

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ForwardVia gives a free UK address for a storage space of 30 days in their Hampshire warehouse...

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