Fishisfast is a hassle free USA parcel forwarding service offering 6 months of free storage and a tonne of other free stuff.

Fishisfast gives you a clean interface, a tax-free zone where your shopping bags can relax for 6 months, free consolidation, quick replies via chat & 24/7 open warehouse.

  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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FishisFast: Service Highlights

  • Free Membership
  • Tax-Free Address
  • 24/7 Open Warehouse
  • Free Consolidation, Repackaging
  • 6 Month Storage

Membership Plans

Plan: Free Membership

Free Services

  • 6 Month Storage
  • Consolidation
  • Repackaging
  • Processing
  • Abandon Package
  • Photo of Incoming Parcel; outside and label
  • Invoice Removal
  • Removing; Extra Packaging & Shoe boxes

Paid Service

  • Pictures – $2 or $5
  • Express Processing – $7
  • Personal Shopper – $5 + 7%
  • Power On Testing – $5
  • Return to Sender – $3
  • Mediation (between store & you)- $5
  • Keep Original Box – $1
  • Bubble Wrap One Item – $1
  • Bubble Wrap All Items – $5
  • Plastic Wrap Outside Box – $5
  • Plastic Bag Inside Box – $3
  • Double Walled Boxes – $5
  • Insurance – $3 per $100

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards (Ask support for it, if not available for you)
  • PayPal
  • Cashback Services

Shipping Options

  • DHL Express
  • FedEx Priority
  • FedEx Economy
  • UPS Worldwide Saver
  • UPS Expedited

Signup and Usage

As mentioned above already, FishisFast is a free parcel forwarding service. Your address will be in a tax-free zone of Delaware, USA. They give a phone number with the address that you can use for shipping purposes only (Many stores want that).


Let’s talk about the good stuff.

The Signup process of Fishisfast is fairly easy and straightforward. There is an option to take pictures for $2 as packages come in, instead of requesting them later one by one which is for $5.

Customs declaration and adding items to your package is straightforward and the interface is easy to understand. It’s really a no-hassle or hassle-free forwarding service.

Their quick handling is super sonic. Their slow (read normal) handling is quicker than the estimate provided. Return is not free… but then again, they never said it was. Live chat was still good.

Email notifications of incoming packages were descriptive and even showed the package picture on top and since I had requested a picture of each item, the email had tiny thumbnail snapshots of those along with weights. I found this helpful… just saying.

Their power-on testing facility can be improved upon and by that we just mean the whole presentation. They provide a video recording which you don’t have to be signed-in to see. I call this a big perk!

Once the parcel is ready to ship, you need to choose your available shipment methods and pay for it. Their offer to pay via Cashback services… You can find the ins and outs of using a cashback service here.

Once you’ve paid, you receive a notification saying your order is getting ready for shipment and you receive the shipping details the same day.

They packed stuff well and everything arrived at our doorstep just fine (we used USPS)


No too many thankfully. But we managed to find certain things that can be improved upon.

Fishisfast is very reliable, but if you happen to deviate from the norm of parcel forwarding basic services, then things can get dicey.

For instance, we did not find any quick method of getting a power on test. We looked around, and decided it best to contact support. And it took them a full working day to get started on it. So just make sure you are aware that power on testing could take a day to get done.

Similarly we faced an issue at the time of paying because we couldn’t see the credit card option. It so happens that for some countries, the option is automatically turned off. So if you don’t see the option and want to still pay via card, you should definitely contact them.

While the return process is fast, they only accept a ship out method. No pick and no drop off.

Shipping was very expensive! But the arrived package was a fabulous new box. One last con, they don’t do mails, just parcels and packages.


In conclusion, Fishisfast is reliable, fast, reasonably priced and easy to use/ship with. Just make sure you go through the list of Dangerous good before you ship it to them and keep their support in the loop for any odd/different request you’re asking the warehouse staff to perform. Their shipping cost leans on the very expensive side, but you will not be disappointed when you receive your stuff.

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