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ForwardVia gives a free UK address for a storage space of 30 days in their Hampshire warehouse. With their feature of Supermarket Shopping, we think having a free UK address

  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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ForwardVia Services: The Highlights

Free Services

  • UK Address in Hampshire
  • 30-Days Storage
  • Free consolidation for first three packages
  • No commercial invoice fee
  • Free priority handling

Paid Services

  • Incoming Packages – £5/3 packages
  • Content Pictures – £3/5 photos
  • Consolidation – free for first three packages, thereafter £2/package
  • Repackaging – £3/package
  • Personal Shopper – £12 or 10% of the total order value + UK delivery, whichever is higher
  • Receive & Forward supermarket goods – £7 to receive one consignment from supermarket
  • Scanning & Emailing – £0.50 per side
  • Re-invoicing – £3 per consignment
  • Invoice removal – £1/package
  • Shopping support – £5 which is limited to a single retailer up to 3 emails or telephone responses
  • Content inspection – £1/package – £5/package (depending on complexity of the request)
  • Return handling – £5/package
  • Exchange processing – £10/package.

Payment Methods

  • Credit and Debit cards via PayPal
  • Direct Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfers through TransferWise and MoneyGram

Shipping Methods

  • Royal Mail International Economy,
  • Royal Mail International Standard
  • Royal Mail International Tracked
  • Parcel Force Global Priority
  • BPost Tracked
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Economy
  • DPD Classic
  • DPD Air Classic

Signup & Usage

Signup was a hassle-free experience with ForwardVia, and because we have not as yet used their service hence, we can only talk about as they appear to be on the surface.

They offer to give 30 days of free storage, and if your parcel stays longer, you will then pay £1/day/package. This may seem like an expensive punishment, but hey, at least they are upfront about it, right?

Once you have purchased your items, you can start sending them to your shiny new UK address. You can let them know that your purchases are coming by entering the details in ‘Place New Orders’ section of the dashboard. Although this happens to be an optional task, if you like you can inform them via the form, or if you prefer not to, then too they will tell you once your packages have arrived.

If you would like them to shop on your behalf, then you will need to fill out a form in your dashboard section titled Shop4me.

If you wish to combine your packages, then once everything has arrived, you can begin the consolidation and then ship it off to your destination. They claim to have a lot of shipping methods, but upon close inquiry, they prefer just the ones we have mentioned above.

Additionally, ForwardVia also provides a service called Supermarket shopping. Supermarket Groceries – allows ForwardVia to repack groceries into multiple items on user’s behalf. All you have to do is give your supermarket name, expected delivery (From supermarket to ForwardVia) and upload your supermarket order, if available.

In all the above options, you can order additional services such as shipping insurance, pre-shipment photo, detail content inspection, and removal/re-invoicing of original receipts for gift purposes.


ForwardVia seems like a decent international forwarding service.

Their forwarding service offers 30 days of free storage, personal shopper, supermarket shopping, a prompt & intelligent response from customer support staff.

Their FAQ section is informative, and dashboard looks clean from behind. Their various payment methods are a breath of fresh air because not too many companies offer to transfer money via MoneyGram and TransferWise

ForwardVia is customised to people and businesses selling on eBay or Amazon from abroad. They are able to give the sellers a local return address to handle returned goods. Once the package has arrived at their warehouse, they offer additional services to inspect, store, repack, consolidate and ship back to the manufacturer. This gives the sellers complete control over how items are handled.


From the looks of ForwardVia, they could do with an upgrade of content written on their website; some data seems to be out of date such as the misinformation about shipping methods.

They do not offer Delivery Duty Paid service, but that’s a very rare offering. They could, however, look into providing more storage space.

Their prices seem moderately high, so we would be making sure we don’t order too many extra services.


ForwardVia doesn’t shy away from declaring their fees and nor do they claim to be affordable but in every other essence they have an aura of honesty and reliability which is why we are confident that their service has an excellent future.

This service has not been tested by


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  • Reliable shipping service and low cost too. Chose Royal Mail and usually received within a week in France 🙂
    Highly recommended

  • Have been using forwardvia many times and found them to be reliable. Answered my query quickly and i normally get update about my parcel the same day when it is delivered. Will definitely recomend

    I am from Canada and had the service of this company 1 month ago. They provided me 2legs of shipping, one from their office to airport and the other from airport to my place in CA. And the package was sent to wrong address by UPS during first leg delivery. They told me the UPS gonna “investigate” it and would get back to me within 3 working days but after more than 15 days I still had no response. In the end they refunded me the original fee I paid to them and told me that amount of their service fee is the compensation of package loss. I found it ridiculous and would like to have an official report from UPS but they refused me. I lost my package worth 200pounds and didnt even get an official report/follow-up of the issue nor any compensation. This mailforwarding company shift all responsibilities to third party and ignored my enquiry email. As I am not from UK, I am consulting citizen advice for legal action, which has a long way to go.( If you have any idea regarding such issue please tell me) So guys, to use their service, make sure you are lucky enough to get everything well done, in case of any mistake in the middle of delivery, this company gonna sneak away from their burden after stealing your money.