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Looking for a breezy forwarding experience? Signup with Planet Express and get your California address today.

Planet Express Planet Express is a relatively new forwarding service which offers a variety of services at a decent pricing model. Their free USA Address accepts mail & parcels both and their proximity to LAX airport gives them that edge to mail out all shipments swiftly.

  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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3.5 (8 votes)

Planet Express: The Highlights

Free Services

  • USA Address in California (Requires a minimum $5 deposit for verification)
  • 10/30 Days Storage
  • Receiving Mail(s)
  • Receiving Package(s)
  • Repackaging
  • 2 Pictures of item upon Arrival
  • Destroy Package/Contents

Paid Services

  • Mailout/Handling Fee – $2 per package
  • Priority Mailout Fee – $5 per package
  • Consolidation – $5 + $2 per each consolidation package
  • Special Request – $5 per package
  • Shop For Me – $5 service fee & 7% of total item cost
  • Photos – $2 for 3 & $5 for 10 detailed ones
  • Pre-order Photo – $1 for 3 & $2 for 10 detailed ones
  • Additional Storage – $.01 per lbs per day
  • Remove Invoices for gift items – $2
  • Security Tape – $2
  • Fragile Sticker – $2
  • Extra Bubble  – $2

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Wire Transfers
  • BitPay

Shipping Methods

  • USPS Priority – Domestic & International
  • USPS Express – Domestic & International
  • USPS First Class – Domestic
  • DHL Express – International
  • FedEx Priority – International
  • FedEx Economy – International
  • Aramex – International
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Signup & Usage

Signing up with Planet Express is free, but to weed out fraud, their is a mandatory deposit which you need to make to authenticate yourself. The amount goes into your account if you wish to use it later. We deposited the minimum $5 🙂

Planet Express has a free and paid plan. For the paid account, you pay $10/Month – yes this essentially means the plan expires in 30 days but you can renew it of course.

The dashboard is fairly simply to understand and is build with minimal interference. It’s further optimised so people can use it on smartphones easily and not experience a glitchy dashboard. The main section gives you an overall image of your account status along with package status and address. There is also an affiliate panel which you can use to refer friends and family.

Once your package comes in, you are notified via an email. You can then log into your account and check the pictures which Planet Express takes for free of the outside of the box and label. You can then start the mailing out process by editing declaration, ordering more pictures and requesting anything from testing a device to ordering a bubble wrap for items or even a new box without logos.

They have a restricted zone like most parcel forwarding services, and the list will probably keeps changing, so do check with the FAQ before you decide to ship. Also if you cannot signup, chances are they do not ship to that region as well. However, we would still recommend that you get in touch with them and get the information first-hand.


Planet Express offers its forwarding address to not just international consumer shoppers but sellers also. They welcome mail, magazines and parcels, all.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and simple to understand. You have the option to get the staff to mail out your items at normal speed or at a priority basis.

Consolidation requires you to mark your items if you want the staff to:
– Keep outside packaging
– Keep retail packaging
– Remove all packaging

You even have the option to write a note there for each of your parcels. Again, once the consolidation is done, you will get an email and can also view all the items within the dashboard panel.

Here you have the option to make changes to your declaration if you like and also mark the final mail out shipment as gift or merchandise.

If you have requested additional photos, then they will email them to you as well as add them to your parcel’s pictures which you can download easily with one-click. The quality of images are good.

Shipping fee are downright low. Not sure how they manage it but it was a real treat to ship our purchases out because of this one fact. Then the close proximity to LAX international airbase is a huge plus because cuts down the ground travel time of parcels before they leave US airspace.

The special request cost may be a bit steep, priced at $5, but Planet Express is quite okay if you request repackaging, extra customization, request a return of item, bubble wrapping and even asking for them to test some items for you.

Customer representation is excellent. We contacted them only once and the response time was within few minutes. Their speed for carrying out the requests was great too so in our opinion, their CS is very good.

Planet Express also offers translation of customer’s section. Right now they are offering Japanese, Spanish and Czech translation, and will soon add Arabic as well.


Gardena, CA is not a tax-free city, so there won’t be any extra savings, could be considered a minus point… but in the long scheme of events, does it really matter?

The free plan which Planet Express offers gives only 10 free days of storage, this is not a very ideal situation, but perhaps for someone who is into shipping out items quickly and doesn’t really have a need for consolidation, then the free plan and cheap shipping rates are a great comb; so essentially a minus point here but a double plus if you are not into consolidation.

If you opt for a special request aka custom request, then please make sure you double check the instructions and write them as clearly as possible, so their staff doesn’t botch anything.

Planet Express does not offer to scan mail/documents or offer apps for smartphone devices, they also don’t provide DDP service – then again, not many forwarders offer it. However, these things could all change, because Planet Express is literally very new, so its best to contact them and inquire before using their service.

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Planet Express is a reliable forwarding service offering to receive your letters/magazines and packages for free. They are fairly new but very determined in climbing the ladder quickly, and they certainly have the brains to.

The USA address they give comes with no charges but still requires small deposit to weed out fraudulent accounts. Their shipping charges are very low, payments methods are many and their customer service is great. You should definitely give them a try if you are looking for a breezy experience.

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  • Had one good experience, then they turned to mud.

    They DO NOT follow instructions correctly so you are then forced to make further requests for idiotic [intentional] errors with the double handling of items resulting in unnecessary extra fees to the customer.

    Then, if you make a complaint about their error, they DO NOT reply for days, taking your items hostage. I very rarely complain about poor performance, but this action has poked the bear. Am I being clear so far?

    My strongest recommendation is DO NOT use them, I made the mistake of recommending them to a lot of friends, but now I warn everyone I know to keep far away.

    I’m a member of the largest ecommerce and amazon groups on FB, where I warn potential users that Planet Express are a complete waste of time, and money !

    • We’ll reach out to them and ask them to revert back to you specifically and resolve the complaints that you have against them (and also work towards improving their services). I would like you to leave a star rating as well (although we know already what it’s going to be)

    • Hello Adam,

      I’m very sorry to hear that you are having problems with using our service.

      Please, send us more details about the whole situation to [email protected] . We are always ready to help you and available on email to answer all your question ASAP.

      Thank you

      Planet Express

  • Steer clear of planet express – Go with another company you – don’t even bother with their shop for me service as it’s BS, they won’t track it, they won’t update you and in the end you’ll find out that they cancel the order and simply dump your deposit money into your online account which you cant get back nor use.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Let me assure you, they are still very good, however there may have been a problem with your items which is why they refunded the money. Did you get in touch with their support to sort this out and arrange for a refund back to your payment method? If not, then please send us your Planet Express Suite id and the name used in your account and we will get in touch with our contact there.

      Please send the info via our contact form so it remains private.

    • Hello Alicia,
      I am sorry that you have not been satisfied with our services. However, we are always available on customer support so we can help you solve the issues.
      The deposit we can refund you, the only thing you need to do is send us an email that you want to refund the money.
      Let me know if there is anything we can do for you.

      Thank you.
      Planet Express