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Do you love traveling? Well who doesn’t and we’re all waiting to start binging on it once this ever-lasting pandemic is over.

Did you know that you can earn while traveling? There’s an app that allows you to make money while traveling. So once you are fully vaccinated for Covid 19 coronavirus and ready to travel, signup to earn on travelling.

Actually, is more than an app. It is a community marketplace that connects shoppers and travelers from all over the globe. With the use of, consumers are able to buy products they want through travelers who are heading their way.

Why Travelers Should Try

If you are a frequent traveler, whether it is for business or pleasure, then you should consider joining It gives you the opportunity to get paid during travel. Travelers are able to monetize their extra luggage allowances by buying products found in other places for local shoppers.

It is also an easy way to earn while traveling. It is as easy as shopping for a particular item. You don’t need to do anything else. After buying the item, you don’t need to worry about anything else during your trip.

It also gives travelers the opportunity to meet locals and at the same time learn about products that are not available in the local market. This is a great opportunity to find unique cultural items that you might also like during your travels abroad.

Make Money While Traveling

The first step on how to get paid during travel is to browse delivery requests from the city you are going. Then you can add your trip to get new notifications of orders from that city. If you find something that you think you can buy, make a delivery offer. will automatically calculate the fee, but you can request for additional fees if the item is bulky or difficult to buy.

Once the local shopper accepts your offer, discuss the details of the order through the built-in messenger. All that’s left is the actual buying of the item. Keep in mind that you will be using your own money when buying the item. Don’t worry because you will be reimbursed for the whole amount, as well as the delivery fee.

Once you have returned from your trip, you meet up with the shopper to deliver the item. Once the shopper confirms that he or she has received the item, you will be paid within three to five days.

Why Shoppers Should Try

People who are looking for unique cultural items should try It allows you to find items that are not available locally. It can also save you money, especially if the item is too expensive to ship from abroad.

How to Buy Items via

The first step to shop using is to find the item you want to buy from an online store. Then paste the link, and choose your city. will then estimate the delivery fee of your order.

After an offer has been accepted, you pay for the order with the use of any major credit card. The payment will be held by until the delivery has been confirmed. Confirm the order details with the traveler with the use of the built-in messenger.

The traveler will also coordinate when he or she can meet up with you to deliver the item. Once you have received the item, make sure that you confirm the delivery through the app so that the traveler can get paid.

As you can see, is a great app whether you are a shopper or a traveler. For the latter, it is the best way to make money while traveling. For shoppers, they will be able to buy unique items at a more affordable price.

What are you waiting for? Download today on iOS App Store , or use their website directly.




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