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Forward2Me is one of the few UK package forwarding services available. They deliver parcels worldwide, and their customer service is top notch. With 30 days of free storage for your parcels, they give you enough time to collect, consolidate and ship packages to your residence anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

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Forward2Me Services: The Highlights

Here is a breakdown of services Forward2Me offers.

Free Services:

  • Registration
  • UK Address in Preston
  • 30 days free storage
  • Package Consolidation
  • Invoice scanning and emailing (for personal users only, charged service for marketplace sellers)

Paid Services:

  • Combine & Repackage: £2 + VAT per package
  • Photos: £1 + VAT (where applicable) per photo
  • Insurance: £20 for the first £1000 or 2.5% of good value whichever is greater
  • Personal Shopping: £15 or 10% of value (whichever is greater) + VAT
  • Ebay Collection service
  • Returns Handling (eBay & Amazon Marketplace Sellers, for details, see below)

Payment Methods:

  • Credit and Debit Cards (Sage Pay)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin (BitPay)

Shipping Options:

  • TNT Economy Express
  • DHL Express Worldwide
  • DHL Economy Select
  • DPD Air Express
  • DPD Air Classic
  • DPD Classic
  • UPS Express Saver
  • UPS Standard Single (single parcels only)
  • Royal Mail – Untracked budget (single package with max weight of 0.5KG only)
  • Parcelforce Global Priority
  • DX Pallet (Pallet service available in select European countries only)

Signup and Usage:

Forward2Me is relatively straight forward and easy to get started with. You can easily signup via Facebook, Google+ or an email address. The system automatically chooses your country based on your location, which you can change via drop-down box if required. There is no signup or subscription fee; ever. Once your signup is complete, you get a package forwarding UK address immediately, and a welcome message confirms your payment methods based on your country. Make sure you read it carefully because once the alert is dismissed, you will not see the approved payment methods again nor can you check it unless you are ready to pay for shipment or shopping services.

Your new UK address is located the top right corner of your account along with a warehouse phone number that you can use when filling out your delivery details when shopping online. Unlike many other services, you can start shopping and shipping to your Forward2Me UK parcel forwarding address immediately after signup. There is no lengthy documentation or verification process at the time of signup (though they may require some verification depending on your delivery address and mode of payment) and you don’t need to register incoming packages with them. This step alone is a hassle and saves valuable time.

Once your packages arrive, you can see them in Package Inbox where you can select each package and order extra services such as requesting photos, combine & repack or simple consolidation where all shipments are placed in 1 larger box and shipped. Here you also get to choose from multiple shipping options available for your country.

The Pros:

Forward2Me provides some unique services to its customers in Europe and rest of the world. For instance, they offer Amazon and Ebay Marketplace services so businesses and individuals can sell via Ebay UK and Amazon UK with ease. Return handling and processing are done via Forward2Me’s staff. The prices for such services are different and so is the free warehouse storage duration.

Another interesting service they offer is the Ebay Collection Service. As you well know, some eBay sellers sell items for less but don’t ship outside the UK. This means you need to be physically present in the UK to either collect the item or have a UK address. With Forward2Me, you can give the seller your Forward2Me uk package forwarding address and have the seller ship locally or rather give Forward2Me the seller’s details, and they will get in touch with the seller and arrange for courier pickup from them.

A great benefit of Forward2Me is their willingness to offer multiple payment methods including Bitcoin. Not many services provide such a payment method hence this on its own is a significant plus as Bitcoin is available for use globally. No need to get embroiled in PayPal, bank transfers or credit card payment methods and have your transactions tracked.

The customer service staff is knowledgeable and thorough in their replies and don’t seem to be shy about what they don’t know. Instead of palming off false information, they requested additional time and came back with informed replies.

The Cons:

Their website is a bit old looking, and their software could do with an upgrade. As we have not tested their service ourselves, we can only comment on how things appear instead of how they work at this point. There is also no information on custom requests such as removing shoe boxes, testing a device or processes a return. Many other providers we have tested offer such services, and since requests are more or less unique, they usually start with a base fee and go up from there depending on the complexity of their task.

We also found their per item photo fee to be expensive.


Forward2Me provides a host of services that would benefit the occasional overseas shopper as well as UK Expats who still want a piece of their homeland with them no matter where they are located geographically. Customer Service is critical to run such services, and we found them to be top notch with our queries. If you’re looking for a UK shipper and don’t want to bother family or friends, then they appear to be a good choice for international parcel service.

This service has not been tested by

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  • VERY POOR SERVICE!!! DO NOT USE!!!! EXPENSIVE! another enough Option.
    I used Forward2me for shipping a parcel from the UK to Australia.
    Never, Never Again will I use their Service.
    My parcel arrived in Australia with contents smashed. I sent them photos of the Box and Contents to show them the damage.
    When I contacted them for a Refund for Damage, I was given the run around with countless excuses. I paid their Company to Ship and they used TNT Express, Countless Delays, Very Poor Service.
    Still waiting for a Refund! Will probably have to take Legal Action to get anywhere.
    If you are going to use Forward2me, think twice if something happens to your Parcel, you won’t get anywhere with them. Spend a little more and use a more Reputable Service. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

    • Hi, Sorry to hear about the poor service you received. Unfortunately, we haven’t tried their service ourselves hence I cannot say anything to defend them. I hope you get your refund from them and an apology at the very least. If you are ok with shipping from Europe then we suggest Shipito – using their Austrian warehouse. They have a great staff there that we’ve tested ourselves.

  • forward2me is not a good company, they promise a lot just to get a customer in and once it is done, the service becomes slack, rude and in some cases quite aggressive.

  • Forward2me are very dishonest with your privacy. They admitted to me that they open everyones packages and go through the contents before they will ship them. This is NOT stated on their website, that basically you have no privacy & they can open what they want.

    With them opening your packages anytime they want, there are a lot of reports of items missing once forwarded.

    Avoid them, they are terrible

    • Actually, they are VERY CLEAR about opening packages because they simply cannot consolidate and repackage your shipment unless they open a parcel. Take a look at their ratings on where every one of their users post reviews (both good and bad).

      • you are right – they are clear about that, but not about their pricing of shipping – they push the most expensive options and give you no choice at all. If you dare ask for it, they become angry, literally angry and rude. I would say their shipping prices are close to doubles of what you would pay to the courier.