shipitoShipito offers you four international forwarding addresses in the continent of North America and Europe.  Ability to accept and forward mail as well as parcels, 180 days of storage and apps for iOS and Android devices.

  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Service
  • Variety of Services Offered
  • Shipping Options
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Shipito Services: The Highlights

  • Free & Paid USA Addresses
  • 180 Days Free Storage
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Accepts Mail & Parcels
  • Adding Unlimited Additional Names on Account

Membership Plans

Individual Package: Free
Virtual Mailbox: Free Signup, $10/Month & $50/Annual

Free Services

  • Repackaging
  • Adding Additional Names on Account
  • 2 Exterior Pictures of Package
  • Pictures of Consolidated Package
  • Visual Check of Contents Against Damages
  • Trash Package

Paid Services

  • Receive Package – $2
  • Special Request – $5
  • Personal Shopper – $8.50+ (cost of purchase, sales tax, bank fee, commission, and shipping)
  • Consolidation – $3
  • Pictures – $1 – $2.50
  • Fill Customs Declaration – $5
  • Express Processing – $5
  • Remove Invoice – $1
  • Extra Bubble Wrap – $2
  • Security Tape – $2
  • Fragile Sticker – $1
  • Extra Tape – $1

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • BitCoin

Shipping Methods

  • DHL Express
  • FedEx Economy
  • FedEx Priority
  • USPS Express
  • USPS Priority
  • TNT Express
  • TNT Economy
  • Airmail Priority
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Signup & Usage

Signing up with Shipito is a piece of cake. You get three address with the free plan and four addresses with the paid one. Below is the breakdown of addresses offered by Shipito in the free and paid plans.

Free Plan
Nevada – USA
California – USA
Austria – EU

Paid Plan
Oregon – USA
Nevada – USA
California – USA
Austria – EU


One of the most appealing things about Shipito is its 180 days free storage. Shipito is also very affordable international forwarding service keeping in mind their paid services cost between $1 – $5. Even their premium Virtual Mailbox plan comes at a low price if you pay annually.

The only thing you will pay for if you opt for their free plan is shipping cost plus the processing fee of $2. Unless of course, you decide to upgrade to the Virtual Mailbox.

The Virtual Mailbox comes with its own host of benefits. For one, you can store multiple boxes in the warehouse (on Individual plan you are limited to receiving only 1 box). Virtual Mailbox also gives you the ability to consolidate your packages to save on shipping.

Virtual Mailbox will cost you $4.16/Month (if you select Annual plan), which is actually a lot cheaper than other parcel forwarding services. You also don’t have to pay upon signup for Virtual Mailbox which I found to be very generous. You begin paying when your first shipment is ready.

I owned the paid plan with Shipito and each package that came into my suite was notified via email and when I logged in to see my stuff, Shipito had already taken 2 free pictures (one for the package and another of the shipping label up close).

Once all my packages had arrived, I started the consolidation process which is charged at $3, so my 6 packages cost $18. Repackaging is free. I say this because Shipito has three kinds of consolidation;

  1. Keep Outside Box – Consolidate the box as received.
  2. Keep Retail Packaging – Outside box is thrown away, original product box stays
  3. Product Only – Original product box is thrown away, only products are packed

I picked ‘Product Only‘ which gave me the benefit of having tonnes of stuff boxed into 1 package. I was planning to use all the items so it didn’t really matter to me if the staff at Shipito opened the retail packaging or I. Besides, the free visual inspection for damages is a great service and if you select to get free pictures of consolidation, then you have saved money on pictures and repackaging which other services usually charge for.

Shipito’s customer service is very fast and friendly. On the live chat, they quickly responded and offered helpful responses to my questions. I threw many questions at them for which I knew the answer but I wanted to check their level of intelligence. They passed in 8 out of 10 instances.

Once your consolidation is ready for shipment, simply select your preference from the list of shippers, add deposit to your account and when they ship out, you will get notified via email.

Other perks of Shipito are the reward points, acceptance of mail, availability of apps on iOS platform as well as Android platform, their pristine and hiccup free dashboard.


Shipito has been undergoing some changes recently (last six months or so) and this has lead to significant problems with communication and support. So our advice would be to signup for free and ask support any questions you have to gauge their responses before upgrading or using their mailbox to ship your purchases.

While Shipito will ship to nearly anywhere in the world, it won’t deliver to some regions such as North Korea, Sudan, or Iraq. That isn’t a huge deal for most of us, but it may affect potential users in those countries. You should contact them before signing up to inquire if their ‘no-go’ regions have increased or not.

While some parcel forwarding services offer things like gift wrapping and lower consolidation fee, Shipito doesn’t seem to think on those lines. To receive mail, Shipito requires you to verify your ID with them first; something other services don’t ask for.

You will notice that their express processing, filling customs declaration and special requests are all charged at $5, which I think is a bit steep.

The free plan is very limiting. While the benefit of not paying monthly or yearly fee and 180-day free storage is simply great, the idea of not being able to receive more than 1 package (mail or parcel) is equally absurd. Shipito seriously needs to consider widening this aspect of free-plan.

The refund policy is a bit off the track. So be sure to read their policy in Terms of Use. Remember to declare the actual amount of the items because they reimburse based on the lowest value either on invoices or in the customs declaration.

The Verdict

Shipito used to be a great international forwarding service for users, however, in the past few months, two major aspects of the service have gone down. Every service is run by people (not just software) to make it successful.

It gives you 3 USA addresses and 1 European address, allowing for a breezy shopping experience you wish for and of course, shipping to nearly anywhere in the world. Despite the absurdity of allowing 1 package into the free plan for users, Shipito just needs to add DDP to their list of services to become ‘the perfect’ forwarding solution. They also need to go back to the drawing board and improve support staff.

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  • Shipito STOLE a package of mine worth 700 dollars plus all i payed for shipping!
    After 3 months (now it’s 5!!!) they simply could not give me an answer about what happened to my item!! They had the paypal invoice of what i payed for it (700 dollars they even photographed it for me!!!) shipping was also insured. After “reimbursing” me for 20 ridiculous dollars into THEIR account, they made my shipito account INACTIVE saying i am “fraudulent”. This company is a SCAM, i am a serious musician who buy gear online since 2004 and this never happened to me!!! Every private seller on ebay who shipped directly to me had his item normally delivered! Shipito STOLE it finding excuses for 3 months and when i started to get really pissed they simply closed my account to get rid of the problem!
    SHIPITO IS A SCAM! Please people let’s be united to sue them and have our money back!!!

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