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Parcl is a unique shopping & shipping community where you can post requests for items to purchase or become a forwarder and start earning.

Parcl is a large shipping community with sky being the limit. You can literally say bye-bye to online shopping restrictions with Parcl.

What is Parcl

Parcl is an online community where a shopper can post his request for an item and a shipper will buy and ship it across. The online service came into being not too long ago but gained popularity because of its unique business model catering to bother forwarders and buyers.

Benefits for Shoppers

  • No registration fee
  • No annual fee
  • Say bye to shopping & shipping restrictions
  • Easily request specific items globally
  • Pay via PayPal or Checkout using PayPal with Debit/Credit card.
  • Get items delivered by verified forwarders

Benefits for Forwarders

  • Become a member free of cost to join Parcl’s growing community
  • Build profile & offer unique forwarding services & unlock achievements by giving your best
  • Make money while shopping for others
  • Build your own forwarding business with trust

Using Parcl

Using Parcl for shopping or forwarding is very easy. Their unique model for forwarders is built to promote cross border shopping. Anybody can become a forwarder and start earning. Similarly, a person who can’t find a dedicated address from parcel forwarding services can request an item from Parcl’s community of forwarders and pay to get what they want.

Parcl offers a virtual “Store” where a buyer can select items for delivery. You can browse the store, refine your search to find an item. You will then be able to see the cost of product and request to buy it. The forwarder will calculate the shipping and once payment is processed, you can expect to forwarder to buy and ship the item. This is of course, if you decide to use “Parcl Store”.

Parcl Service

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Parcl has been around for 4+ years. Within this time they have managed to build a trusting community where shoppers and forwarders can both benefit.

Their website is minimal and easy to understand. Their FAQ covers almost everything. Their blog page is useful as it covers shopping ideas and various tips for forwarders and shoppers both. Perhaps the only thing they lack is a better contact page. Currently they offer a web form and an email address and other than that no mention of who founded it or who Parcl really belongs to. But what matters more is that their website has SSL protocol and being integrated with PayPal is a huge plus.




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  1. Josie

    Do you ship from Philippines to California, USA?
    What’s the website to shop?