Best Discount Alert Apps for Online Shopping Sales

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Thinking about shopping online? Well fire-up your phone and download these discount alert apps to save money on your hobby.


Your shopping is incomplete unless you have SlickDeals by your side. The app is a great and complete. It covers everything you can think of; electronics, clothes, accessories, jewelry, home stuff and even groceries! If you are looking for a great deal app, this is the one.


The Rakuten app has way too many cashback offers. This is an app that every online shopper should have or must check before purchasing stuff. The offers range from 1% to 12% of cash back. Rakutenhas a mixture of offers and usually very broad ranged as well. We at ParcelForward love Rakutes! Go ahead and signup via ParcelForward and get additional $10 welcome bonus.


You register in the TopCashback application and if you visit one of its links and make a purchase through it, you will be given cashback at the end of a certain period. The discount alert app operates with an affiliate network; it receives a certain amount of referral fee, which is then redistributed to its clients.  There are discounts on all types of services, sometimes even your energy bills. Sign up here and get a £7.5 welcome bonus. TopCashback is available for use in the US, UK, India and China.


Who hasn’t heard Groupon name? A discount alert app which offers different deals. Whether it’s your big annual holiday or you’re looking for janitor services, this is the application that will come in handy. Its user friendly design is perfect and will provide you with the best experience. It’s quite easy to keep track of new deals.


If you don’t have this money saving app, your don’t know what you are missing. RetailMeNot is one stop app that hunts discounts, deals and coupons from too many retailers to even mention here. simply look up what you need and save a list and this discount alter app will notify you if there is any offer.


The idea behind PriceSpy money saving app is to save you money on any item. Just type down the thing you’re aiming to buy and it will create a nice list of purchasing opportunities, comparing prices throughout all possible retailers.

Voucher Codes

As the name hints Voucher Codes provides you with different types of discount vouchers in UK. The deal app will hand you a mesmerizing amount of great discounts at different places. It also has the cool “nearby” feature, showing you the discounts which are closest to your current location. Pretty neat, eh?

Coupon Sherpa

For some reason Coupon Sherpa peaked my interest. The next time you go shopping, make sure you have Coupon Sherpa installed on your phone. The app provides users with a plethora of coupons from leading retailers all filtered by brand, location and even product. Simply show the coupon to the cashiers at checkout and make sure they scan it from your phone. And that’s it!

These deal apps are all of different nature, and there are many more out there. Now its your turn to tell us which ones you like.




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