Great Prepaid Debit Cards for Travel and Shopping

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Online shopping is fun! But what’s not fun is when the shopping website refuses to accept PayPal or simply you are too scared of using your credit card online.

The obvious next step is to pay for your online shopping via prepaid virtual debit cards. Here’s a list of choices of virtual prepaid debit cards to use for online payments.

US Unlocked

US Unlocked virtual prepaid Visa cards are one of the most popular payment modes among international shoppers. If you need to make purchases in US websites, this is ideal. You are able to load money into your US Unlocked virtual debit card through your personal credit cards. It is one of the most reliable prepaid debit cards that let you shop almost anywhere in the USA where visa cards are accepted. Yet, you must make sure that you are connected to a VPN service before performing transactions. You can set a minimum balance reminder in your US Unlocked account so that you will never be disappointed!

Ecopayz Virtual Card

EcoPays is a one-time use prepaid MasterCard allowing you to purchase goods online without a hassle. It is a very safe and secure mode of payment that expires after each transaction and therefore cannot be lost or stolen. One impressive facility of this virtual card is that you can use it in any region across the world wherever prepaid Mastercards are accepted. You can create a virtual card through your online ecoAccount without displaying any of your financial details. EcoVirtualcard is one of the top preferences among global shoppers as it is very user-friendly.


StatesCard works best for US services. Anyone around the world can signup and use them. If you’re thinking about buying streaming services like Netflix, Spoitfy, Hulu or even games, StatesCard is the virtual prepaid debit card for you. Funding is simple. Use your credit or debit card issued from your bank or PayPal to load StatesCard. Pricing is straightforward. They claim to have no hidden pricing.

Travel Money Card (TransferWise)

Previously known as Transferwise, Wise continues to offer great services for financial needs. Not only do they have great transfer prices, quite remittances, easy to you, proper bank accounts and also a Travel Money card that you can get and use for travel, online or in-shop use. The card allows you to keep several currencies in one card with no hidden fees. Since Wise can hold up to 50+ currencies at once, its a fantastic option for travel because there is no need to get the currency exchanged. You can use the card in coffee shops, retail outlets, ATMs to withdraw cash and of course online as well. The card has one limitation, not every country can get the card. You can get it if you’re in UK, Europe, Australia, Newzealand and just some more.


Revolut is available in UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Switzerland. It’ll be coming to USA next. Opening an account is free but charges differ on transactions made on weekdays and weekends. You can get a Visa Prepaid card. You can use the card in-stores, online, to buy Crypto and gold, and of course it works with ATMs. The mobile apps are slick and easy to use for payments. You can freeze your card if its stolen or not in use. The card is chip-based and can be used for recurring subscription payments! Till your card is mailed, you can begin using the virtual card right away.

We hope that you will now be able to shop online via our suggestions. We know its a small list and there are several others like Western Union Netspend, AllyBank, LeoPay, Netspend, N26, Monzo, Moese, Travelex, and of course PayPal Prepaid.

Which other prepaid debit cards do you know about that you can use on online shopping sites and in travel




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